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10 Fun Adult Tree Swings You’ll Wish You Had As a Kid

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Looking for the best adult tree swing? Look no further!
We have compiled a list of the 10 best tree swings that are perfect for adults.
Whether you are looking for a traditional tree swing or something more unique, we have you covered. Get ready to have some fun!

Adult Tree Swings

Are tree swings for adults?

Who says tree swings are just for kids? Adults can have just as much fun on a tree swing! In fact, there are many different types of tree swings that are perfect for adults.

Whether you are looking for a traditional tree swing or something more unique, we have you covered.

Benefits of having an adult tree swing

Tree swings are not just for kids! While tree swings can be a great way to get your little ones outside in the fresh air and moving, they are also fun for adults too.

In fact, tree swings have many benefits that you may not know about until now:

  • Adult tree swings help improve balance and coordination.
  • Tree swings for adults help with posture and alignment.
  • Swings are a great way to exercise.
  • Tree swings help lower stress levels and can help reduce anxiety levels.
  • Adult tree swings can be used as part of rehabilitation or physical therapy for injuries such as knee/hip replacements, back problems, etc.

As you can see tree swings have many benefits that go beyond just being fun. Get yourself a tree swing!

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Things to consider before purchasing the best tree swing for your family

  • Swing capacity – do you want a single seat or double seat swing?
  • Weight capacity – weight limits of the swing need to be taken into consideration. Think about who will be on the swing and how much they weigh. You will need to stay within the manufacturer’s weight limit.
  • Weather-resistant rope swing or swing straps – consider what type of rope/straps you want to use to hang your swing. Will you want an adjustable nylon rope or will you want swing chains?
  • Swing hanging kit – will you need a hanging kit to install the swing? There are some swing hanging kits that have adjustable rope or straps that will not damage the tree and have a weight capacity of over 2,800 pounds!

Different types of adult tree swings

There are many different tree swings available for adults. You can find anything from a simple traditional swing to more unique styles that will have you swinging around in no time!

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  • Traditional tree swings – with rope or chain attached at each end and a swing seat suspended between them (wooden seats are typically made from oak or cherry wood whereas metal ones use steel or aluminum).
  • Flying saucer swings the saucer tree swing is always a fun time, especially if kids are going to be using the swing. The saucer glides through the air so you will feel like you are floating.
    The Royal Oak heavy-duty flyer saucer swing has a 700-pound weight limit.
  • A traditional wooden swing is sturdy, can accommodate multiple people, and provide hours of swinging fun.
  • Platform swing – Do you remember playing on the swings as a kid? The wind in your hair, the sun on your face – it was the best. Now, you can enjoy those same feelings as an adult with a platform swing. These swings are perfect for anyone who loves the feeling of swinging.
    The Royal Oak platform swing has a 700-pound capacity. This platform swing has amazing reviews which you can check out here.
  • Bucket swing provides a seat that has back support for people who need more than just dangling their feet off the ground while they swing!
  • Carousel tree swing with rotating seat that spins when you push off from it (these have become very popular over the last few years due to their ease of use and fun factor).
  • Hammock tree swing which can be made out of a variety of materials such as cotton, nylon, or polyester and can be used by either one or two people.
  • Hammock chair swing – There’s something special about the comfort and relaxation that comes with sitting in a hanging chair swing. Whether you’re looking to relax in your backyard or take a break from work, it’s the perfect way to enjoy some peace and quiet. Plus, they’re easy to set up so you can be enjoying one yourself in no time at all!
  • Hammock tree swings are the perfect way to relax in nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. Plus, they’re a great way to get some exercise and fresh air.
  • Spider web tree swing is a flying saucer swing and is heavy-duty. Depending on which model you purchase, the spider web swing can hold up to 600 pounds!
  • Bungee tree swings use a bungee cord to suspend you in the air for a more extreme tree swing experience.
  • Lounge tree swings are perfect for relaxing on a hot day (these come in many different styles and can be found online)
  • Swing Tent – Let your childs imagination go wild in a swing tent. This tent has a 700 pound weight limit.
  • Compression swings or therapy swings offer sensory therapy for autism and PTSD. This type of swing gives deep touch pressure which stimulates the vestibular system.
  • Tire swing while a tire swing is nostalgic and looks cool hanging in a tree in your front yard. This old-fashioned favorite provides hours of enjoyment for people of all ages.
    With just a few simple supplies, you can easily create your own tire swing. So gather your friends and family, and get ready to have some fun!
    A good way to make a tire swing even more fun is to use an eye bolt to attach it to the tree. An eye bolt is like a big screw that has a loop on the end so you can attach a chain or rope. It’s really easy to install, and it will make your tire swing much more stable.

How to install a tree swing for adults

Installing a tree swing is a simple process that only takes a few steps. You will need to make sure you have the right equipment before getting started, so gather your materials together and follow these instructions:

  • Find a tree with sturdy branches at least 12ft tall. If they are too low then it won’t be safe to swing on them.
  • Use a tree swing strap or rope to attach the tree swing to the tree branch (make sure it is tight so the tree swing doesn’t move around).
  • If you are using a traditional tree swing with ropes, make sure there is enough slack in the ropes for someone to sit on it comfortably without their feet touching the ground.
  • If you are using a tree swing with chains, make sure they have enough weight capacity to hold up your body and any passengers safely without breaking under pressure when jumping onto it from above or pulling yourself off by grabbing them (which can be done if necessary).
  • Attach tree swings to tree branches that are at least 12 inches in diameter so the tree swing doesn’t cause any damage to the tree over time.

That is all there is to it! You can now enjoy your new tree swing adults.

Just be careful and use common sense when swinging on it – remember, you are heavier than a child!

Where to buy a tree swing for adults

If you are looking to buy a tree swing for adults, there are many different places you can go.

  • Local home improvement stores – You will be limited to what they have in stock and you will not get the benefit of being able to read customer reviews.
  • Outdoor recreation stores – Limited to stock on hand and zero customer reviews.
  • Online stores – You will find the best selection online and will be able to read customer reviews to help you make your decision.

Just make sure you purchase an adult tree swing that is heavy-duty, has a high weight limit, and is good quality so you can enjoy it for years to come.

10 best adult tree swings

Hammock hanging chair rope swing with a 320-pound weight limit. This swing looks like the perfect place to read a book!

Old fashioned wooded tree swingthis tree swing is made from natural elm wood and has a rope and chain design. It can hold up to 440 lbs, so it is perfect for adults or larger children.

Owl Wise Outfitters Camping Hammock single or double hammock – This camping hammock is amazingly popular with campers. Check out the 38,000+ five-star reviews!

Portable hammock swing chair – this tree swing is made from natural oak wood and can hold up to 330 lbs.

Pacearth swing seat support over 660 pounds! The swing seat comes with anti-rust chains coated in plastic.

Royal Oak Giant Platform Swing – this platform adult tree swing is fun for the whole family. There’s room for a bunch of kids to pile on and have endless fun.

  • Steel frame
  • 700 pound weight limit
  • Water proof
  • Adjustable ropes

Large rattan egg swing with cushions holds up to 300 pounds!

The Original tree swing – this tree swing is made from natural walnut wood and has a rope and chain design. It can hold up to 400 lbs, so it is perfect for adults or larger children. This bench-style swing is truly stunning!

Swinging Monkey Hammock Swing Chair – this hammock tree swing can accommodate two people and is made from 100% cotton for extra comfort. It has enough weight capacity to hold up your body while swinging on it (or two people if they sit next to each other). The adult tree swing comes with a tree strap and carabiners for easy installation.

Metal frame hammock chair swing with a weight capacity of 330 pounds! This hammock adult tree swing has a footrest and has a storage pocket.

Should you build your own adult tree swing?

Yes! If you are handy and have tools building a wooden bench swing is easy!

Don’t have a tree? Consider getting a porch swing instead

Don’t have a tree? Don’t let this stop you from getting an adult swing. Consider getting a porch swing or a traditional adult swing set instead.

It can be placed on any level surface and is great for people who don’t have a tree or yard.

I’m not sure where to find porch swings for adults?

If you’re looking for porch swings in your area, try searching online. There are plenty of places that sell them like Amazon and Wayfair! You might even find one at a local store but I’d be careful because they’re usually quite expensive compared to what you would pay online.

Conclusion – adult tree swings

If you’re looking for an exciting new way to get active and have fun, consider buying an adult tree swing. Swinging is a great workout that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and adult tree swings are perfect for enjoying the outdoors. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to add some excitement to your life; buy an adult tree swing today!

I would love to hear about your experiences using tree swings, so please share them in the comments below!

Have you ever tried an adult tree swing?

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