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Top 45 Signs a Woman Wants You To Chase Her

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If you’re looking for some clues that a woman is interested in you, here are 45 signs a woman wants you to chase her! 

Women do certain things when they want a man to chase them. Sometimes these signs are obvious, while other times, they’re a little more subtle.

45 Signs a Woman Wants You to Chase Her

How to tell if a woman likes you in five minutes

Ok, let’s face it. No one really knows how to tell if a woman likes you or not. Even the experts can’t agree on what signs mean that a woman is interested in you.

However, I’m going to share with you a friend of mine’s foolproof five-minute test that will let you know for sure whether that special lady is into you or not.

So sit tight and pay attention because this is some precious information. Trust me – My friend has been using this method for years, and it has never failed him! 😉

  • She will smile at you and pay attention to you.
  • She will slyly check you out. She may not be obvious about it but she will definely look you over.
  • Her body language will be open. She will NOT be crossing her arms and she won’t have her hands on her hips.
  • She will try and find out if you are available. She may not be direct to the point but she will find out, even if she has to ask her friend to ask your friend.
  • She will try and find out more about who you are.
  • Her hand may brush yours or she may put her hand on your arm or shoulder.
  • She will give you a compliment.
  • She may be nervous around you.
  • She will want to be around you.

How do you recognize signs a woman wants you to chase her? 

If you’ve ever had a woman come right out and say, “I want you to chase me,” then congratulations!

You can stop reading this article because she’s already made it painfully obvious what she wants. And that is YOU!

If that isn’t the case, though, here are some signs a woman wants you to chaser her and show her some attention:

  1. She laughs at your jokes, even when they are not funny.
  2. She always seems to find an excuse to touch you. She may get really touchy-feely when you’re around.
  3. If her body language is open and inviting. This means she might lean toward you, point her foot in your direction, or place one of her legs over the other.
  4. She brings up sexual topics or makes sexual innuendos. If she’s throwing out signs like this, it’s because she wants you to make a move!
  5. She tries to get your attention.
  6. She drops hints that she wants you to ask her out or she agreed to go out with you.
  7. She drops subtle hints about how much she likes you and also talks about your future together.
  8. She doesn’t offer much information about herself when you first meet her — but gets more open and personal as time goes on.
  9. She has makes eye contact with you for longer than normal.
  10. You catch her staring at you when you aren’t looking or she says something that doesn’t quite match up with the way she’s acting.  
  11. She tries to get you to do things with her or for her.
  12. She makes self-deprecating jokes like, “I’m hopeless” or “I’m pretty pathetic.” It sounds like she’s putting herself down but really, she wants you to tell her how great she is. Try telling her, “No way! You’re not pathetic at all.” That will most likely make her day.
  13. She plays with her hair while you are talking. Or she brushes her hair back behind her ear — especially if she does it during conversation and not just when looking at you
  14. She quickly changes the subject any time someone else asks her how she’s doing. This is another one of those signs she wants you to ask her out, but doesn’t want anyone else around to hear it!
  15. She initiates conversations and asks personal questions that are more than just the basics like what you do for work or where you’re from.
  16. When you are near, she focuses on you and loses interest in her friends and stops paying attention to them.
  17. She relaxes around you. Even if it’s a woman who normally doesn’t drink too much, or a woman who hates dancing at clubs, she gets more open and affectionate with each cocktail consumed. It could be that she’s loosening up because of the alcohol, but it could also be that she likes you enough to start feeling comfortable around you.
  18. She thinks about you when she’s supposed to be doing something else.
  19. She blushes when talking to you or if her chest gets pinkish or red blotches especially if you were just talking about something embarrassing.
  20. If she focuses on the lyrics of songs and finds meaning in them. Certain songs make her think of you or about having a relationship with you.
  21. She talks to her friends about you. She may wonder what a relationship with you would be like.
  22. She asks you about your future, hopes and dreams. She really listens and will remember what you said.
  23. She frequently mentions how handsome she thinks you are.
  24. She makes excuses to have you around, even when it’s inconvenient for her.
  25. When she leaves, she looks back at you a few times.
  26. She talks about other guys she’s seeing, but makes sure to emphasize that she has “no feelings for them.”
  27. Or she’ll tell you repeatedly that she isn’t seeing anyone.
  28. She is always excited to see you.
  29. She lingers when saying goodbye.
  30. She tells you there are no boundaries in your friendship.  
  31. If you have a female best friend, she makes a point of doing something sweet for her every so often.  
  32. You have inside jokes from being good friends.  
  33. She signs her texts with “xo.”
  34. She texts back immediately and doesn’t leave you on “read”.
  35. When someone else flirts with her, she doesn’t seem interested in them and or seems overly interested to see if you will get jealous.
  36. She gets nervous around you.
  37. She tries hard to impress you.
  38. She gets jealous whenever you talk to other women but tries to act like she’s not.
  39. She makes you special treats like cupcakes, cookies or a pie.
  40. She will buy you small gifts that she knows you’ll like.
  41. She will dress to impress you.
  42. If she wears makeup, she will worry about how her makeup looks when she’s with you.
  43. She will make an effort to smell extra good when she’s around you.
  44. She stands close to you.
  45. She will arch her back, sticking out her behind or breasts to see if you are paying attention.

19 signs she’s not into you

  1. She consistently turns down your advances.
  2. She gives you short and non-committal answers when you text or call her.
  3. She’s always busy and has a million excuses why she can’t meet up with you. 
  4. She ignores your texts and calls for long periods of time. She’s not responding becasue she’s not into you or has better things to do.
  5. She teases you about your romantic pursuits.
  6. She signs off her emails or texts with “just friends”.
  7. She spends hours talking on the phone with you, but never seems to make plans for getting together in person. 
  8. When you ask her out, she says yes and then acts like she’s not excited or has better things to do.
  9. She saves face by stopping an awkward romantic moment before it gets too serious.
  10. She jokes about being a “bunny boiler” from the movie “Fatal Attraction.”
  11. If you have sex with her, she treats it like it’s no big deal.
  12. She refers to you as a “good friend” even though you want to be more than that.
  13. She talks about her family and past relationships, but never mentions your name.
  14. When you playfully flirt with her in front of your friends, she acts like it’s no big deal.  
  15. When you point out a hot girl who walks by, she doesn’t react at all.
  16. She signs her texts with “haha” even though she wasn’t laughing at what you said.
  17. When you playfully flirt with her in front of your friends, she acts like it’s no big deal.
  18. She tries to set you up with her friends. Or she says she knows someone who would be perfect for you.
  19. She “cookie jars you”. She doesn’t want you for herself but don’t want to let you go either. Getting cookie jarred is when someone strings you a long while until something better comes along. Read about getting cookie jarred here.

If you’re looking for signs a woman wants you to chase her and that she likes you look no further. We’ve compiled all the evidence you need to make your move.

Now go forth and conquer!

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