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What Does It Mean When Your Left Hand Itches? 10 Lottery Stories

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So your left hand itches what does it mean?

Does an Itchy Left Hand Mean You Are Going to Come Into Money?

This is a question that has plagued humanity for centuries – what does it mean when your left hand itches? Are you going to come into money? While there is no scientific proof to back up the claim, many people believe this superstition actually holds some truth.

what does it mean when your left hand itches

According to superstition, if your left hand itches, you’re going to come into money. But does that mean anything actually happens when your left-hand itches?

The answer to this question is yes and no. While an itchy left hand does sometimes indicate that someone is going to come into money some believe it could mean an outflow or loss of money. There are other reasons why hands can itch, too.

For example, a medical condition, allergic reactions, or your skin could be dry and in need of some good lotion. If you’ve moisturized, still have an itchy left hand, and are curious about what it might mean, read on for more information.

Another explanation of itching superstitions says that when you have an itch on your left hand, it’s a sign from God to change your ways. It’s a warning that you are about to sin or have already done something wrong.

Still, another interpretation of this superstition says the itchy hand is from an evil spirit and can only be cured by rubbing your palm on wood, which is blessed.

Finally, women, in particular, should take heed when they begin itching as it means they will be giving birth soon. This is an ancient wives tale and obviously only applies to VERY pregnant women.

Left Hand Itching Lottery Winners

Stories of Itchy Left Palm and Winning Lottery Money

Mary Shammas Had an Itchy Left Hand and Won $63,000,000

73-year-old Mary Shammas was riding public transit when she noticed her left palm was itchy. She got off the bus and immediately purchased a lottery ticket. The following Tuesday, Mary won 63 million dollars!

According to Mary, “I had a terrible itch that I’ve never had before, within the short while, it was three or four times happening. And I said to myself, ‘This means something. It’s an old-fashioned superstition, but you know what, I haven’t played Mega(Millions) in a couple of weeks. Let me just go and validate a ticket’ that I had – an envelope with all my numbers in my bag.”

Left Hand Itching Leads to $410,000,000 Mega Millions Win!

This Arizona couple had been playing the lottery for over 38 years. The man’s left hand had been itchy for over two weeks, and he had recently found a shiny heads-up penny, so he was feeling extra lucky.

The couple won $410,000,000 and took the cash option. After taxes, they walked away with $228,000,000! Read more here.

Canadian Woman with Right and Left Hand Itches Wins $60,000,000

Mary Wernicke spent $5 on a lottery ticket after realizing both her left and right palms were itchy. It took Mary five days to realize she was the winner! Read more about Mary’s itchy palm lottery winning here.

Michigan Woman Wins $2,000,000 After Itchy Hands

In 2018, 28-year-old Jacquatte Prater’s hand had started itching. The woman had here the old wives tale that an itchy hand means you will come into money, so she played MegaMillionos (lottery) for over a month without luck.

Finally, one morning her friend called her to tell her a local had bought the winning ticket. It turns out SHE was the lucky winner Jacquatte had won over $2,000,000. Please read about it here.

Australian Man With Itchy Left Hand Wins $928,000

This man had left hand itches but thought nothing of it. He ended up winning $ 8,000. Please read about it here.

Man Credits Itchy Hand to Winning $250,000 Mega Millions Lottery

This Michigan 29-year-old man’s hand had been itching for days.
Knowing what itchy left hand meaning is, he decided to play Mega Millions, and he ended up matching five numbers Read about Paul Walker’s left palm itching lottery win here.

Baltimore Woman Has Itchy Hands and Wins $50,000 Lottery!

Lucy a mother with three daughters noticed both hands itching one day.
Knowing this could be a lucky sign, one of her daughters gave her money to buy some lottery tickets Lucy ended up winning 0,000 Read more about it here.

Itchy Palm Leads to Woman Winning $25,000 a Year For Life

This anonymous Kentucky woman had a very Merry Christmas in 2021.
Her dad is a regular lottery player, she hand an itchy palm and bought some tickets Her dad woke her up in the middle of the night to let her know she had won.
The woman opted to take $390,000 in cash which she used to pay off student loans Read more about her lottery win here.

This Man’s Itchy Hand Lead to a $2,000 Win!

Read about it here.

What About an Itchy Right Hand?
Right Hand Itching Lottery Wins

In 2004 Marion Richardson Won $23,000,000 After Having an Itchy RIGHT Hand

63-year-old Marion so broke she prayed that she wouldn’t wake up.
One week later she was busy knitting at home. She noticed her right hand started itching so she decided to buy some lottery tickets
Marion ended up winning over 23 million dollars Read more about it here.

What are some of the most common causes of an itchy left hand?

There are many different reasons that someone might have an itchy left hand. Some of the most common causes include dry skin, allergies, and contact dermatitis.

In some cases, the cause of the itch may not be easy to determine, and further investigation may be required.

If you are experiencing an itchy left hand and want to find out what is going on, you may need to consider seeking medical attention.

What Does Left Hand Itching Mean Spiritually?

Just like right hand itching has a specific spiritual meaning, so too does left hand itching.
When your left hand itches, it could be a sign that someone is trying to contact you from beyond.

Why Do You Think Your Left Hand Itches?

  • Do you have a left-hand itch?
  • What do you think it means if you have a left-hand itch?
  • Why do some people get left-hand itches and others don’t?
  • What can you do to stop your left-hand itch?
  • Has the left-hand itch ever caused any problems for you?

Let me know what you think, drop a comment below.

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